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About us


The management of the company MARINES RHODES has developed its Policy for the Quality of the services we offer with a view to guest satisfaction using modern practices during its operation and aiming to optimize them.

Through the Quality Policy, the company is committed to:

  • In the lawful execution of all the services it offers, in keeping with the adoption of the existing pre-requisite legislative requirements as well as the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 practices.
  • In taking the necessary measures to comply with legal requirements related to employee safety
  • In the development of conditions of mutual trust and cooperation with the suppliers of services it maintains, the suppliers of materials necessary for its operation as well as all the subcontractors with which it enters into contracts necessary for its smooth operation.
  • In the constant monitoring of developments in the sector in which it operates, trying to adopt the good practices it finds.
  • Effectively dealing with and meeting the existing and projected needs of education, training and specialization of the company’s employees.
  • At the disposal of the necessary resources to maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the company’s Quality System.
  • In the definition of Quality objectives which derive from the analysis of Risks and Improvement Opportunities, the achievement of which is reviewed at regular intervals and is an integral part of the strategic planning of the business.

The validity and recognition of the Quality Management System is achieved through its certification by an Independent Certification Body in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard, while elements from the ISO 14001:2015 standard relating to the quality of the environment in which the organization operates have also been assessed.

A particularly important factor is the quality of the water within the port basin and the protection of the organisms that live within it.

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the company considers it necessary the active participation of the employees in the observance, development and documentation of all the procedures provided for by the Quality System. All employees in the company contribute to the effective implementation of the quality system as well as to its improvement.

The quality policy is communicated to all staff and all external third parties of the business (Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors)


The company RHODES MARINAS SA has been managing the tourist port of Rhodes since 2016 following a concession contract from the Ministry of Tourism, with the aim of constructing and operating it.

The management of the company, showing respect for the protection of the environment, is committed to implementing an Environmental Management System meeting the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 certification.

The company’s environmental goals include the effort to minimize the environmental consequences of its activities, the continuous efforts to recycle, the appropriate procedure for receiving and disposing of waste resulting from docked vessels, the awareness of the staff and the business environment as well as the compliance with statutory and other requirements.

Our contribution to the management and protection of the environment has two dimensions, internal and external. The internal dimension refers to our effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operation. Particularly important is the achievement of the goals related to the reduced consumption index of electricity and water per overnight boat in our facilities. The external dimension refers to the effort to increase the environmental perception of visitors, customers and other interested parties and the local communities in which we operate. Environmental actions in this direction such as coastal cleaning and others have been designed and implemented. The protection of the destination’s biodiversity is considered particularly important.

The company is committed to continuous improvement of the environmental management system in order to improve environmental performance, setting corresponding indicators that it monitors.

The environmental policy is available to any interested party.